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Preventing post-divorce problems for fathers

If your wife brought divorce action against you, you may still want to preserve your family. You may even have faith in the Texas courts to provide a just and equitable decision in your case. At the Law Office of Brian Turner, we want to help you secure the best possible outcome.

Why are there not more changing tables in men’s rooms?

Traditional parenting roles have evolved significantly from a time when mothers were sole or primary caretakers. Not only are more fathers receiving sole custody of their children, but some fathers are stay-at-home dads and primary caretakers of their children. You may find it surprising that under these circumstances, there are many men’s restrooms that do not have baby changing tables.

Paternity fraud and its consequences

Paternity fraud, which occurs when the mother of a child misidentifies a man as the father of her child, is a growing concern in Texas and the greater United States. Sometimes, paternity fraud occurs by accident, when a mother thinks she knows who the real father is and names that person on the birth certificate. Other times, paternity fraud is deliberate. In the latter situations, a mother knowingly names the wrong man on her child’s birth certificate in the hopes of reaping the support benefits of an uninvolved biological father. In either instance, both the man and child end up suffering, which is why the courts attempt to identify and stop instances of fraud as quickly as possible.

There is hope as a Texas father

You may have had an abusive relationship. You could have had expectations from your marriage that your partner ignored or left unfulfilled. It is even conceivable that someone challenged your paternity itself. Regardless of your misfortune, you should know that you are far from alone. Many men in Texas go through similar hardships every year to survive — and even thrive.

Do children need equal time with their fathers?

You would probably agree with the idea that Texas kids need a variety of good role models to grow up into healthy, happy adults. The state family law courts might see your custody negotiations from a different perspective. As a father, you could struggle to get the minimum visitation time your child needs in order to grow up strong.

Can men be victims of domestic violence?

When it comes to domestic violence, women and children are usually the ones portrayed as the victims. This is often the case, as men generally have a physical advantage over women and children. However, as you may know, men in Texas and elsewhere can also be victimized by their partners.

What factors can lead a father to get custody?

The age-old belief that children are automatically placed in the physical custody of the mother during a divorce may be fading out. There may be factors involved in the situation that could lead a judge presiding over the case to award physical custody to the father. Judges will look at several factors when determining who is best capable of taking care of the child in a divorce.

Why fathers receiving sole custody is more common

Whether you are currently going through a divorce in Texas or you are just considering filing your divorce papers, you may be involved in the child custody process. As part of the procedures, the judge presiding over the case may determine whether sole-custody or joint-custody is in the best interest of the child. While it used to be commonplace for mothers to receive sole physical custody of the children in a divorce case, more and more fathers are being granted full-custody of their children.

Fathers play a crucial role in children’s lives

Although children who are involved in a divorce may end up in the sole-custody of one parent, it is crucial that they are exposed to both their mother and father on a regular basis. Children need the financial and emotional support of both parents in order to have the best chance of a living a full and happy life. However, a number of children who live with their mothers’ have limited access to their fathers. Studies show that this limitation can impede on a child’s development.

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