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What factors are considered when calculating child support

Entering in to the divorce process can be overwhelming, especially when there are children involved. Depending on what type of custody arrangement is ordered, the you may be required to pay child support. Child support is designed to ensure children receive the same financial support that they would have been exposed to if you had not filed for divorce.

Is a custody modification difficult to obtain?

If circumstances have changed since your Texas divorce and you feel the need to modify your custody and parenting time order, you will be glad to know that getting a modification is not necessarily difficult assuming you and your ex-spouse agree on which modified provisions you want. As FindLaw explains, custody modifications are relatively common, especially if your children were young at the time of your divorce.

What is the Child Support Evaders Program?

Whether you are currently making child support payments, or you receive child support payments from your former spouse, both parents are financially responsible for maintaining the wellbeing of their child. There are some cases, however, where one parent fails to meet this financial obligation and does not make the child support payments their child needs. People who are significantly delinquent on their court-ordered child support payments may be referred to the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Evader’s program.

What things can I spend my child support on?

As a Texas parent receiving child support, you may have questions about what kinds of things you can spend your child support money on. Naturally you can spend it on such necessities as your children’s food and clothing, but is that all? The answer is no. As FindLaw explains, you have enormous discretion when it comes to all the things that you can legitimately spend this money on.

Can your wages be garnished for failure to pay child support?

If you are a Texan obligated to pay child support under a court order, you need to know that your wages are subject to garnishment should you fall behind in your child support payments and/or refuse to make them. The Office of the Texas Attorney General explains that your employer must withhold money from your paycheck once it receives a proper Notice to Withhold Income for Child Support from the appropriate court or agency.

Modifying your Texas child support order

If you are a Texas father and you currently have a child support arrangement in place with your former partner, a time may come when you wish to modify that arrangement in accordance with changing needs. Maybe your custody situation has changed, or maybe you no longer have the job you had when the order came into effect. Regardless of your reasoning for wanting a modification, there are certain steps you must take to change the amount of child support you must pay. At the Law Office of Brian Turner, we have a comprehensive understanding of the Texas child support modification process, and we have helped many clients pursue solutions that meet their needs.

How is child support calculated in Texas?

If you are a Texas father and you and your child’s mother are no longer together romantically, you may be working toward a child support arrangement with your former partner. Regardless of whether you are on the giving or receiving end of a child support arrangement, you may be wondering how much you can expect to have to pay or receive, and in Texas, the answer is usually relatively straightforward.

Can legal fathers who question paternity cease child support?

If you are a legal father in Texas and are currently paying child support, but you now question whether you did, in fact, biologically father the child you are supporting, you may wonder whether you can stop paying support. While, as a legal father, you cannot immediately cease paying court-ordered child support payments, you may, depending on certain circumstances, be able to petition to the court to terminate the relationship between you and the child and therefore end your duty to pay support.

What do I need to know about paying child support?

Child support is a heavy topic. It can make parents fight and cause children to get stuck in the middle. If you are about to embark upon paying child support, it can help to know a little more about it and how it works. Texas has specific rules that outline how support is handled, so parents can be clear on the topic. 

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