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Recognizing signs of parental alienation

If you are going through a separation or divorce and it involves a high-conflict custody battle, you may have concerns about whether your spouse is attempting to turn your son or daughter against you. Intentionally turning a child against the other parent, or intentionally making efforts to disengage a child from one parent’s life, is known as parental alienation.

3 tips for dads paying child support

As a father going through a divorce, you are likely wondering about child support. You obviously want the best for your child, but you may have concerns about the details of financial support. How much will you have to pay? Will you even be able to afford it? These questions and more are likely rattling your brain. Thankfully, there are answers.

Never let these 3 things be used against you in a custody battle

A divorce is typically a contentious process, but if you have kids, there is even more at stake to consider. Stressful divorces often result in drawn-out custody battles, and in such disputes, your ex might reach for whatever she can possibly use against you in court. It is important that you be prepared for these potential attacks—and more importantly—do not let your ex unfairly gain an advantage in seeking custody.

What to do when your ex-spouse keeps your kids from you

You and your spouse may not be on good terms after your divorce in Texas. But any negative feelings you have towards each other must take a backseat to your new parenting time/custody agreement. You do not need to have primary custody of your kids in order to have access to them. 

Negotiating custody over the holiday season

The holidays are drawing near, and before you know it, end-of-year festivities will fully surround you. What should be a time of joy and sharing, however, can easily become stressful and frustrating. Naturally, you want to spend the holidays with your children, but this can be difficult if your ex is uncooperative in negotiating custody during this time of the year.

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