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March 2019 Archives

How sweat equity may factor into your divorce

Owning a small business can make a divorce even more complicated, since it is possible that a Texas judge may decide that your spouse is entitled to a share of the business. If the company is separate property, property that is not counted as marital property, you might think your company is protected from a divorce judge. However, if your spouse put sweat equity into the business, a judge may think otherwise.

How Texas determines the “best interests of the child”

Anytime you find yourself involved in a Texas child custody or visitation case, you will likely hear the term “best interests of the child” used frequently. At the Law Office of Brian Turner, we understand that judges typically consider the best interests of the child before making any decisions regarding custody or visitation, and we have helped many clients showcase that time spent with them is, in fact, in the best interests of their children.

Antidepressant medication and custody disputes

A wide range of factors are taken into consideration when it comes to child custody, from financial issues to abuse and each parent’s ability to provide their child with care. Some people find themselves in unique situations, and there are many other issues which can influence a custody outcome. For example, someone who is taking antidepressant medication may be worried about whether this could affect their ability to secure custody. They may be afraid that a former partner will accuse them of being unfit to raise a child due to depression or claim that they are a drug addict.

Preventing post-divorce problems for fathers

If your wife brought divorce action against you, you may still want to preserve your family. You may even have faith in the Texas courts to provide a just and equitable decision in your case. At the Law Office of Brian Turner, we want to help you secure the best possible outcome.

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