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December 2018 Archives

What is the acceptance of benefits doctrine?

If you wish to go back to court and seek a modification of your Texas divorce decree and its incorporated property settlement agreement, you would do well to consider whether or not you have run afoul of the acceptance of benefits doctrine before doing so. As FindLaw reported, the Texas Supreme Court recently addressed this issue in the case of Kramer v. Kastleman

Why are there not more changing tables in men’s rooms?

Traditional parenting roles have evolved significantly from a time when mothers were sole or primary caretakers. Not only are more fathers receiving sole custody of their children, but some fathers are stay-at-home dads and primary caretakers of their children. You may find it surprising that under these circumstances, there are many men’s restrooms that do not have baby changing tables.

Are second and third marriage more likely to fail?

Traditional marriage may be a thing of the past, as more and more people in the United States are entering into marriage for the second or third time. You may have considered your first marriage a ‘trial run’ and feel more confident about tying the knot a second time. People file from their first divorce at an early age and are more likely to get married again as they go through life. Studies show, however, that the divorce rate among second and third marriages are higher than those of first marriages. Statistics from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention show that more than 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce, 67 percent of second marriages and 73 percent of third marriages. For some, this may seem counterintuitive, as you may feel that your marital relationships would become stronger as you gain more worldly experience. What is the cause for this divorce rate increase?

How the court views the better parent

Texas courts generally prefer that both parents take part in their children’s lives. If your case goes before a judge, their focus is on what course of action represents the best interest of the child. At the Law Office of Brian Turner, we often represent clients who must fight for fair or sole conservatorship of their child.

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