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October 2018 Archives

Do children need equal time with their fathers?

You would probably agree with the idea that Texas kids need a variety of good role models to grow up into healthy, happy adults. The state family law courts might see your custody negotiations from a different perspective. As a father, you could struggle to get the minimum visitation time your child needs in order to grow up strong.

Is a custody modification difficult to obtain?

If circumstances have changed since your Texas divorce and you feel the need to modify your custody and parenting time order, you will be glad to know that getting a modification is not necessarily difficult assuming you and your ex-spouse agree on which modified provisions you want. As FindLaw explains, custody modifications are relatively common, especially if your children were young at the time of your divorce.

How children benefit from knowing their fathers

Separating from the mother of your child is rarely an easy process, and in some cases, divorces and separations can lead to long, drawn-out custody and visitation battles. While at times, navigating your way through such matters can take a lot out of you, it is important that you keep in mind just how critical a part you play in your son or daughter’s life and well-being.

Your rights as a possessory conservator

Many in Tyler may view child custody proceedings as a "zero-sum game," in that rulings for or against you during such proceedings equate to victories or losses for your ex-spouse. Following this line of thinking, that would likely mean that if your ex-spouse is named as your children's managing conservator, you have lost. Many who find themselves in that position come to us here at The Law Office of Brian Turner thinking that they now must defer to their ex-spouses in all matters related to their children. If you share the same hopelessness, you should know that simply is not the case. 

Can men be victims of domestic violence?

When it comes to domestic violence, women and children are usually the ones portrayed as the victims. This is often the case, as men generally have a physical advantage over women and children. However, as you may know, men in Texas and elsewhere can also be victimized by their partners.

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