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September 2018 Archives

What factors can lead a father to get custody?

The age-old belief that children are automatically placed in the physical custody of the mother during a divorce may be fading out. There may be factors involved in the situation that could lead a judge presiding over the case to award physical custody to the father. Judges will look at several factors when determining who is best capable of taking care of the child in a divorce.

Is shared parenting better for kids?

As you go through the divorce process, you may forget about the unwilling participants that are going through the process with you. Children are simply along for the ride when it comes to child custody, child support and adapting to a new lifestyle as you go through a separation. Whether kids are forced to move into a separate home away from the other parent, or made to switch schools and make new friends, divorce can be extremely hard on kids of all ages. Although you may be headed for divorce, there are things you can do to minimize the affect these changes have on children.

Tips for making a welcoming post-divorce home for your child

Let us say that you are the non-custodial parent. The home you moved into when you divorced is a few miles away from the only home your eight-year-old daughter has ever known, and you want to ensure that the important father-daughter bond remains strong. Helping Annie feel happy and secure in unfamiliar surroundings will help a great deal. There are several useful tips to keep in mind.

What is the Child Support Evaders Program?

Whether you are currently making child support payments, or you receive child support payments from your former spouse, both parents are financially responsible for maintaining the wellbeing of their child. There are some cases, however, where one parent fails to meet this financial obligation and does not make the child support payments their child needs. People who are significantly delinquent on their court-ordered child support payments may be referred to the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Evader’s program.

Is your spouse hiding marital property?

When you are going through the divorce process, both parties are required to disclose all property and assets, allowing the judge presiding over the case to divide the marital property accordingly. However, some spouses may attempt to hide marital property and assets, only to reclaim them after the divorce is finalized. You deserve your half of the marital property and be on the lookout for the signs that your spouse is engaging in this deceptive practice.

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