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June 2018 Archives

Tips for creating a parenting plan

When parents in Texas file for divorce or legal separation, they must make important decisions regarding their children. Some of the most crucial decisions involve creating a parenting plan. The parenting plan documents which parent is entitled to spend time with the children and when, including details such as holidays, vacations, birthdays, school breaks and other circumstances. There are some important things to keep in mind when creating a personal parenting plan.

What to keep in mind when dividing property

Texas, like several other states in the nation, is a community property state. This means that all marital property, or property and assets that are amassed during the course of a marriage, is evenly divided between the two divorcing parties. When categorizing property into community property or separate property, many people think of commonly shared items. These include the family car, home, furniture, retirement and savings. It is important that couples keep in mind all of the other items that are considered marital when negotiating their divorce settlement.

Methods your wife may use to hide property

If you reside in Texas and are experiencing a breakdown within your marriage, you may be finding it increasingly difficult to take your wife at her word. Unfortunately, some spouses who have plans to leave their significant other take actions beforehand in the hope of getting more than their fair share when it comes time to divorce.

Have you considered the advantages of joint custody?

If you and your spouse are a Texas couple contemplating divorce, both of you likely have greater concerns about your children than about anything else. Both of you love your kids and both of you want to remain as involved as possible in their lives. In other words, neither of you wants to be the parent who gets weekend visitation only. If this describes you and your spouse, you should consider joint custody. These arrangements have swept across the country in recent years, and the general consensus today among judges, state legislators, child psychologists and most parents themselves is that joint custody is best for the kids and parents alike.

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