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3 reasons to mediate child custody instead of going to court

When you start the divorce process, custody may be the issue you have the most concerns about. You love your children and want to be part of their lives, but so does the mother. It may seem like an impossible feat to come to a custody or visitation agreement.

However, you may be able to reach a resolution much easier than you assume. Here is how you may able to resolve custody issues through mediation instead of going to court.

1. Less adversarial

Because custody is such a personal and emotional issue, court battles can easily become nasty. Rather than having an all-out war about your children, you can take a friendlier approach. Mediation is a less threatening process. Not only does this make the thought of custody negotiations less intimidating, but it will set the standard for your relationships. You may end up in a co-parenting situation, which is easier to navigate if you are willing to cooperate with the mother of your child. 

2. Faster resolution

If you go to court over custody, you may end up battling it out for months or years. You do not need to waste your time in a contentious custody trial. Mediation can bring you a solution much more quickly. You may be able to get through mediation in just a few weeks or even less. 

3. More affordable

Divorce can be ridiculously expensive. If you get caught up in court for months or even years, you could be shelling out cash like no tomorrow. Rather than both of you hiring an attorney and fighting over every detail, you can simply hire one attorney and come to a solution much quicker. 

Mediation can save you from draining your wallet and emotions. If you are willing to compromise and communicate, consider these advantages of custody mediation as your marriage comes to an end. 


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