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March 2018 Archives

How children benefit from joint-custody arrangements

If you live in Texas and are going through, or have recently gone through, a divorce, you may find yourself struggling to adjust to many areas of your new life. If you have spent your child’s entire life living in the same home as him or her, and this arrangement changes, you may find yourself grappling with how to adjust to your new joint-custody arrangement. At the Law Office of Brian Turner, we understand how difficult it can be to adapt to new living and custody arrangements, and we have helped many divorcing fathers maintain an active presence in lives of their children.

Recognizing signs of parental alienation

If you are going through a separation or divorce and it involves a high-conflict custody battle, you may have concerns about whether your spouse is attempting to turn your son or daughter against you. Intentionally turning a child against the other parent, or intentionally making efforts to disengage a child from one parent’s life, is known as parental alienation.

Can legal fathers who question paternity cease child support?

If you are a legal father in Texas and are currently paying child support, but you now question whether you did, in fact, biologically father the child you are supporting, you may wonder whether you can stop paying support. While, as a legal father, you cannot immediately cease paying court-ordered child support payments, you may, depending on certain circumstances, be able to petition to the court to terminate the relationship between you and the child and therefore end your duty to pay support.

Are you married even though you had no wedding?

If you are living with someone in Texas, you may be married to him or her whether you realize it or not. As Unmarried Equality explains, Texas is one of the nine states that recognizes common law marriage whereby certain couples who live together are just as legally married as their friends who had a wedding.

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