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February 2018 Archives

Making the most of visits with noncustodial children

If you are a Texas father, but your child does not live with you, you may not get to spend time with your son or daughter as often as you might like. Even spending limited amounts of time with you can have a sizable impact on your child’s overall well-being, however, so rather than see those weekends, vacations or summers as all-too-brief periods, try and view them as opportunities. At the Law Office of Brian Turner, we recognize the importance of fathers spending time with their children, and we have helped many Texas fathers pursue custody, visitation and parenting time.

According to the law, which father are you?

Texas dads should know being a father is one of the most honorable roles a man can have, but doing the job well is not easy. All relationships take effort from both parties, of course, and parenting is no exception. Whether or not you have married your child's mother, you have to learn how to manage life with her, how to prioritize your little one and how to be a role model for him or her. 

What must I do to relocate with my child to another state?

If you are a divorced parent living in Texas, you may be in for a hassle if your employer decides to transfer you to another state. Your divorce decree and/or parenting plan may contain a geographical restriction that prevents you from moving beyond a certain distance from your current home without court approval. If so, the Texas Family Code, Section 153, requires you to obtain a judge’s permission before you can relocate.

How stepfathers can become actual fathers

At times a man marries a woman that has children from a previous marriage or just from another male while unmarried. Such men become stepfathers in the new marriage, and have most of the roles and duties that a legal father would in Texas. However, the stepfather may desire to have the same relationship to his wife’s children as any legal parent would. In this case, a stepfather may seek to adopt the children as his own.   

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