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3 tips for dads paying child support

As a father going through a divorce, you are likely wondering about child support. You obviously want the best for your child, but you may have concerns about the details of financial support. How much will you have to pay? Will you even be able to afford it? These questions and more are likely rattling your brain. Thankfully, there are answers.

Navigating divorce and child support can seem overwhelming, but with the right planning, you can face everything head on with confidence. Here are some tips to help you prepare for child support payments. 

1. Make payments on time

Promptly paying your child support is non-negotiable. You may feel the temptation to skip a payment here or there, but it will be a struggle to catch up. If you miss payments, you may face wage garnishment or even jail time. Even if it does not get to that point, falling behind will only create more animosity between you and your ex. 

2. Pursue modifications when necessary

Your child support obligations will not necessarily need to stay the same. According to Texas law, you can re-negotiate your child support payments if you experience a change in circumstances. If you lose your job or your ex re-marries, you may be able to file a petition to modify your agreement. 

3. Keep records

Note your payments in your financial records every month. In addition to documenting your child support payments, you should keep receipts of expenses for your child, from medical care to clothing. These records will help you keep track of your expenses and come in handy if you ever pursue a modification. 

Child support obligations are a mixture of money, emotions and the law. You may feel stress and frustration about the issue, but you will be able to figure it out. Follow these three tips and get help from an attorney to handle your child support correctly.

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