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What to do when your ex-spouse keeps your kids from you

You and your spouse may not be on good terms after your divorce in Texas. But any negative feelings you have towards each other must take a backseat to your new parenting time/custody agreement. You do not need to have primary custody of your kids in order to have access to them. 

There is nothing more frustrating than rearranging your schedule to make time for your children only for their other parent to keep you from them. Not only is that type of behavior inconvenient, childish and unlawful, but it can also cause irreparable damage to the bond and relationship between you and your children. You do not have to play her games in order to see your children. Consider the following ways to resolve your situation. 

Have a heart-to-heart with your ex-partner 

Contact your ex-spouse and arrange a meeting so you can discuss the matter. Plan to meet somewhere public so you can both feel more inclined to act polite and cordial towards each other. Find out why she is interfering with the court order for child custody and visitation. See if there is a way you can negotiate an arrangement that enables you both to adhere to the agreement without having to go through the courts. 

Inform the courts 

If you and your child’s other parent cannot agree, the next step would be for you to petition the courts. Keep in mind that you have a stronger case if you can provide supporting evidence, such as police reports and text messages that show your ex-partner has withheld your children from you. Depending on the circumstances, the courts may modify the agreement. They may also hold your ex-partner in contempt and penalize her for the interference. 

No matter how much you feel you can resolve your child custody/visitation issues, you should never take things into your own hands. If you are experiencing difficulties in adhering to the order or in getting your ex-partner to cooperate, you should consider speaking to an attorney for assistance.

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