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November 2017 Archives

How do different financial situations affect child support?

If you are paying child support in Texas, you may wonder how the court handles situations where you are self-employed or where you may not make much money. Because many people may have different financial situations, the law is set up to allow for all of them. Knowing how your situation will be handled can be helpful in insuring you do not fall behind on your support payments. 

What to do when your ex-spouse keeps your kids from you

You and your spouse may not be on good terms after your divorce in Texas. But any negative feelings you have towards each other must take a backseat to your new parenting time/custody agreement. You do not need to have primary custody of your kids in order to have access to them. 

What if you have no income and are ordered to pay child support?

Many dad's end up in a situation where they are no longer living in the same home as their children. Often, this is due to a divorce or breakup. However, in any situation where parents are not living together and the father is not living with the child, child support is usually ordered through the Texas court system. If you find yourself with a child support order but you do not have an income, you may wonder what you can do. 

Why is Holley v. Adams an important custody decision?

If you have read significantly on the subject of Texas divorce and child custody disputes, then you have probably run across the Holley v. Adams decision made by the Texas Supreme Court. Your family law attorney might reference this instance for a number of reasons, primarily that the case law includes a list of factors used for determining the best interest of a child with regards to custody and parental relationship.

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