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When to modify: Changing your custody schedule

Whether you are divorced, or never married, seeing your child is no doubt the most important time in your week.

Being a father is probably the most exciting and meaningful thing any man can do with his life. From a football game to a fishing weekend, or just fooling around, there is no substitute for parenting time. So what happens when you need to make a modification?


Kids need Dad, too

It’s no secret that men have often had a hard time getting access to their kids. In times past, it was somehow assumed that every other weekend was appropriate access to your children.

Thankfully, however, the courts have caught up with what we have known along: All kids need their dads. Denying a child that very fundamental relationship can have devastating and lifelong effects.

While you wouldn’t think of making a change just for the sake of change, in 18 years of parenting, there will be, inevitably, times when the current schedule becomes unworkable.

Perhaps your job has changed and requires more travel. Maybe you’ve gotten a new assignment that includes a longer and more arduous commute. Possibly a new promotion makes you less able to be flexible. Whatever the reason, it’s important not just for your sake, but for your kids, to remain faithfully in their lives.

Asking for accommodation

Asking for a change, however, to parenting time can feel frightening. What if Mom resists?

The good news is that whether mom agrees or not, the courts understand that life happens and are willing to modify earlier custody arrangements even if Mom is not. The easiest modifications can, of course, be made when Mom agrees. These comprise of a quick draft and signature, followed by a court filing.

Again, however, even if Mom refuses, a modification is not impossible. As long as you can show that the change is in the best interests of your child—and seeing Dad always is—the courts will have an open ear and understanding.


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