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What happens if divorced spouses disagree on vaccinations?

Last year, it was reported that Texas ranked 49th in vaccination rates among children under the age of three. There are a number of reasons why Texas may grant a vaccination exemption, including for medical reasons or as a matter of conscious.

The topic of vaccinations for a child seems to be becoming increasingly controversial every year. Because of this, it’s reasonable to think that some fathers and their ex-spouses may disagree on whether their child should be vaccinated.

When two parents disagree on a child’s medical decisions, it produces a number of questions. Some of these questions surround what options fathers have if they can’t reach an agreement on medical decisions with their ex-spouse.

The conservatorship agreement is key

Texas looks at custody agreements in two different realms. Possession and access deals with how much time parents can see their child and where the child spends their days and nights. Conservatorship looks at which parent can make certain decisions for their child. This includes medical, education and religious decisions.

If you have a sole managing conservatorship agreement, one spouse has sole authority to make medical decisions on behalf of the child. This means that if your ex-spouse is the sole conservator of your child, it’s difficult to go against their wishes when it comes to vaccinations.

Joint managing conservatorship, as the name implies, means that both parents share the rights and duties of a parent. However, even with a joint managing conservatorship, one parent may have exclusive authority to make certain decisions on behalf of the child. This means that your options in regards to vaccinations for your child hinge on the specifics of your joint conservatorship agreement with your ex-spouse.

When disagreements about important decisions arise with your ex-spouse, the best course of action is to communicate. And if communication breaks down, that’s the time when it may make sense to consult a father’s rights attorney.

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