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Social media tips for men going through divorce

The stress you face as a man going through a divorce doesn't change. However, one thing that is changing in our lives is the way that we choose to integrate social media into our daily routine. Face-to-face interaction has been replaced with tweets, snaps and likes. While these changes aren't inherently wrong, misuse of social media can have negative consequences for men going through a divorce. How can you protect yourself online?

Check privacy settings

According to some studies, social media use has led to a nearly five percent increase in the divorce rate. If stress caused by social media is one reason you and your spouse are ending your marriage, you can imagine how it might affect divorce too. 

Unfortunately, social media posts can be admitted into court as evidence. That means your estranged spouse or an opposing attorney may be able to access your profile and posts to make a case against you. Even if a post seems innocuous enough, like a check-in to a bar or an event, the other party could use anything in an attempt to diminish your character.

With divorce imminent, now may be the time to double check your social media habits. Limiting visibility of profiles can also prevent unwanted gossip from people who may be nosy about your divorce.

Don't publicize large purchases

When you buy a new car or take a vacation, it can be fun to show off to your friends online. However, spending money on high-dollar purchases during a divorce can be a sign that a person is trying to hide assets from their estranged spouse. Although making a big purchase may be necessary as you and your wife begin to organize your lives separately, it may be best to keep your finances and travel habits out of the public sphere through the divorce.

Don't post relationship drama online

When you are going through a difficult time in your life, writing your feelings online can bring catharsis and empathy. However, doing so can also bring unwanted attention or unintended consequences to your arrangements. An attorney can provide coaching on how to talk about your divorce with others in both face-to-face and online conversations.

As assets are divided and child custody is arranged, you may feel like you have very little control over your life during divorce. However, taking care of what you say online as it happens can help you maintain your public reputation.

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