Why Resolving Disputes Out Of Court Makes Sense

Divorce, by definition, is a highly emotional process. Anger, stress, despair and other negative feelings are prevalent when a married couple ends a relationship. Both parties in a divorce help themselves immensely when they remove as much bitterness as possible from the process and work together to resolve the issues that must be addressed.

At the Law Office of Brian Turner in Bryan, I work as hard as possible to resolve family law disputes in an amicable fashion. I am a trial-tested attorney who prepares meticulously for court appearances, but I know that I bring just as much value to my clients when I can help them resolve disputes without litigating.

What are the benefits of reaching agreements outside of court? You will likely save a significant amount in legal fees. Financial concerns are top of mind for most couples getting divorced. Saving thousands of dollars in legal costs that can be used instead as the financial foundation for your post-divorce lives is an excellent reason to let cooler heads prevail whenever possible.

You Decide Together What Post-Divorce Life Looks Like

In addition, reaching agreements through negotiation or mediation allows the parties involved to shape the look and feel of their lives going forward, rather than allowing a judge who knows nothing about you or your children make those important decisions.

It is important to remember that although you are ending your marriage, if you have minor children, you will still be working together to raise them. If you and your spouse can agree to do what is best for your children, it sets a cooperative tone for the ensuing years. You should also know that Texas judges almost always order mandatory mediation in divorces involving a minor child.

Work With An Attorney Who Focuses On Solutions

In my experience practicing law in Texas since 1991, there are two types of lawyers — problem solvers and problem creators. Problem solvers like myself focus on producing outcomes and resolving disputes out of court that serve their clients' interests first. Problem creators, on the other hand, are not always as interested in resolving disputes amicably in order to save on legal fees and allow their clients to get on with their lives.

What is your preference? If you want to consult with a problem solver who will evaluate your situation and recommend an effective course of action, call our Bryan office at 979-583-9200 or use the contact form on this website.