Are You Concerned About The Parental Fitness Of Your Child's Mother?

I Will Help You Petition For Sole Managing Conservatorship Of Your Child

If you have concerns that your child's mother is unfit to care for your child, you can petition the court to grant you sole managing conservatorship of the child. You should be aware that Texas courts are hesitant to prevent a parent from having access to a child, and do so only when it is in the best interests of the child. Often, this involves a parent who abuses drugs or alcohol, and thereby puts the child's life in danger.

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A parent who wishes to petition the court for sole managing conservatorship of a child must show that the other parent's behavior will significantly and negatively affect the child. At the Law Office of Brian Turner, in Brazos County, I am prepared to review the facts involved in your case and help you determine if it makes sense to move forward with a petition for sole managing conservatorship of your child.

Questioning A Mother's Parental Fitness

In order to gain sole managing conservatorship of your child, you need to collect extensive documentation that shows your child's other parent is significantly and negatively affecting your child. This may include:

  • Police records of your child's mother being arrested while the child was in her care
  • Medical records of your child being treated for injuries while in the mother's care
  • Photos or other evidence of your child's mother engaging in inappropriate activities while the child is in her care
  • Psychological reports from a child counselor that reports any negative impact the mother's substance abuse, mental health status or improper behavior may have had on the child
  • Evidence of violence or drug abuse by other residents in the home of your child's mother (i.e., stepchildren, a boyfriend or new spouse) that endangers your child's safety
  • Testimony from other individuals who have witnessed your child's mother engaging in inappropriate conduct while your child was in her care

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