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Committed to Handling All Phases of Litigation

From Austin to Bryan-College Station, my clients trust me to handle their lawsuits because they know that I will see their case through to the finish. I understand the value of resolving cases early through mediation and negotiation; however, I understand that litigation arises from disputes, and these conflicts cannot always be resolved amicably. I will go to trial when necessary and in the best interest of my clients.

The Best Way to Resolve Litigation Is to Prevent Litigation

As experienced as I am in the courtroom, having made my first trip there six days after I began practicing law in 1991, I am a strong proponent of resolving disputes early. In fact, I often strive to reach a resolution even before a lawsuit is filed. I will talk to the opposition in an effort to reach a fair outcome to the issue. I will strive to get a positive result without the time and expense of litigation. If mediation and negotiation can lead to a positive outcome, that is a path I try to pursue.

When Litigation Is Necessary, the Client Must Know They Are in Good Hands

When a client enlists me to help them with any type of legal issue, I start by listening to them, asking them questions, I learning everything I can from them about their case. Then I start to gather all of the documents involved, all of the evidence and all the relevant information. I become acutely acquainted with the facts and law before putting together a legal strategy.

I work with my client when putting together that strategy. As I move forward, I take great care to keep my client's expectations realistic. I explain the challenges that stand in the way, the possible outcomes and, of course, all of the options available. My guidance is based on the needs of each individual client.

Types of Litigation

Much of my practice is focused on business litigation, which includes:

I am also personally invested in standing up for the rights of fathers in family law litigation.

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“The father having as much access to the child is important to us.” --Attorney Brian Turner
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